About PicStroom

Frustration inspired us to create PicStroom.
Planning a reconstruction of their living room Jeroen wanted to share various inspiring images from Desiretoinspire.net with his girlfriend. While the iPad was the perfect tool to find and view the images there was not a simple app to collect the images and then show them.

When Jeroen shared his idea with Damien, Damien ran with it.
Within a few days a design was drafted and a proof of concept built. They worked relentlessly on PicStroom in their spare time to get it done. It turned out that a simple idea invoked a lot of complexity. In the end Damien built a game engine to get the performance right.

Jeroen lives in Baarn, The Netherlands, while Damien lives in Dublin, Ireland. They have only ever met over email, iChat screen share and Skype.

Jeroen Hermkens is as passionate about easy to use interfaces as he is frustrated about confusing interfaces. Life can’t get better when he is making complex things easy to use. His company is called ‘Het is Simpel’ which translates as ‘It is Simple’.
River of News serves all his RSS feeds on the iPad and saves him lots of time. Jeroen can also be found snowboarding or photographing.

Damien Glancy has been coding since before he could read, 7 years old. He made Jeroen’s idea come to live and even better than Jeroen could ever imagined it.
Instapaper won't be deleted from his iPad and he reads Wired magazine for the layouts. He likes typography and almost any beer except Guinness.
Damien works freelance and lives together with his wife Rose.