Questions we think you will ask

How do I use PicStroom?

We have described several ways we use PicStroom on the page Features. We would say that the main use of PicStroom is twofold:

  • Follow and enjoy visual inspirational sites
  • Combine PicStroom and Dropbox to quickly transfer pictures to your iPad, show them, select your favorites and store or share them via Dropbox.

Is PicStroom free?

Well Yes and No.
We have a Pro version with unlimited Photo Streams for $2.99 $1.99.
There is also a free version with only three unlimited Photo Streams.

How does PicStroom work?

Often websites use a technology called RSS feeds to inform followers that their site is updated. PicStroom let's you subscribe to such sites and checks the feeds every time you start the app, or every 10 minutes while using PicStroom. If there are new images available they will download into PicStroom and show up in your overview screen.
You can find relevant sites by adding sites you know or use Streams from our Gallery.
PicStroom facilitates you to view the images full screen, store them in your photo library or view and share them using Dropbox.

Is there a limit on the number of pictures per Stream?

No, the only limit is the available space on your iPad.

Is there any limitations with the free PicStroom?

The free PicStroom is fully featured except it is limited to having 3 of your own streams active at any time. You can remove this limit by an in-app purchase of "Unlimited Streams".

What does the Unlimited Streams in-app purchase give me?

The Unlimited Streams in-app purchase will remove the limit of 3 of your own streams being active at any time. With Unlimited Streams you can add as many web or Dropbox streams as you wish, limited only by available storage on your iPad.

PicStroom is highly multi-threaded and the iPad is a mobile device, so conserve network and battery capacity there is a limit that allows only 7 streams to be added in parallel at once.

Of course you can multiple batches of 7 after they sync. and are only limited by available storage space on your device.

Is PicStroom stealing images from sites?

No, we've put a hugh effort into making sure that the application is friendly to websites. We only use public published RSS feeds. We hit tracking pixels and are analythics friendly to keep website traffic figures accurate and advertisers happy. Copyright of the images is with it's rightful owners. We expect users of PicStroom to respect copyright laws.

Which sites can I add to PicStroom?

Any site with an RSS feed containing images can be added to PicStroom. In our research we found that there are at least 17 variations on the RSS standard. All these types can be detected with PicStroom. Let us know at if you find RSS feeds which doesn't work.

What is Dropbox?

Dropbox allows you to sync and share your files online and across your computers or mobile devices automatically.
PicStroom integrates seamless with Dropbox in both viewing and storing images in Dropbox folders. If your folder is shared with friends, family or colleagues the images will appear after updating the Stroom.
Read more or create your free account on

Why is PicStroom called PicStroom?

While brainstorming over a name we found that most relevant English names with the word Stream were taken in the App Store. So Jeroen came up with using the Dutch word for Stream 'Stroom'. Damien immediately liked it, so that's why ;-)

Will there be an iPhone app?

Yes we think so. Contact us if you have ideas you would like to add to PicStroom.