Follow, filter, fetch, feature foto's fast

Quickly browse picture streams from the web or your Dropbox folder and fetch the pictures that inspire you most. Store them in your Photo library or share them through Dropbox to followers, friends and family.


  • Follow your favorite photo or graphic sites, e.g. Flickr, Ffffound, Dribbble, etc
  • Discover new Photo Streams in our gallery
  • Include your own favorite sites, PicStroom will automatically detect the RSS feed with images
  • View images in your Dropbox folders
  • View shared Dropbox folders from friends, family or colleagues


  • Quickly browse your Photo streams (Streams)
  • View the Streams as a flow of images or one by one full screen
  • Zoom full screen images
  • Even when you are off line you can view and filter your Streams


  • Drop the picture in your (shared) Dropbox folder
  • Save the image in your iPads Photo Library


  • Pictures dropped in your shared Dropbox folder show up in your friends PicStroom or Dropbox folder
  • Email a picture immediate to friends
  • View the picture in its original source


  • To get the best possible graphical performance we build PicStroom as a game, it's as fast as lightning!
  • Increase the speed of your image workflow dramatically
  • Fastly addictive!

PicStroom was created out of a frustration. We needed a way to follow our RSS feeds of images and share images in a fun and simple way. It works wonders for staying inspired while creating.

How we use Picstroom

Wondering how we use PicStroom in our daily activities?
Here are some of our favorite uses:

  • Speeding up image selection with our team
    Drop all photos of an event or project in a shared Dropbox folder. Each team member can now drop the preferred images into another shared Dropbox folder so each team member can almost instantly see all preferred images. We can also involve our clients immediately in this process.
  • Getting back inspiration fast
    Once in a while there are those moments you are feeling stuck. Opening up PicStroom and exploring those nice graphical Streams gets you back into inspiration.
  • Quickly mock up prototypes on your iPad
    While we developed PicStroom we used it to quickly check user interface proposals. This is how we did it: save the design from Photoshop into a Dropbox folder. Grab the iPad, refresh the Dropbox Stream and voila the designs show up full screen. At least three times faster than any other workflow.
  • Share pictures with friends and family
    Images of last night's BBQ are just dropped in a shared Dropbox folder and they appear the next time you open PicStroom or refresh a Stroom.

These are only a few examples. Let us know your favorite use of PicStroom at

We are most happy when the things we make get used.
That's why we offer PicStroom for free.
It is fully featured and you are able to create up to 4 Streams.

Do you like PicStroom or are you looking for an 'unlimited number' of Streams?
We offer you an in-app purchase that will unlock an unlimited number of Streams.

Do you have questions or suggestions for PicStroom please send us an email at