PicStrooms Weather Channel

It is hard to get feedback from users. inspired us to open a communication channel to PicStrooms users. We call it the Weather Channel. Users can rate their experience within the app by clicking a weather icon and leave a 255 characters comment. Comments are stored anonymously.
On this page we show all feedback we received.

Some replies to users comments:

  • We hear your feature suggestions/request please keep sending them on. They will greatly influence our release planning.
  • About adding Unlimited Streams - Our In App purchase gives you truly unlimited streams. Be aware that due to performance limitations of the iPad Gallery Streams can be added 7 at a time. Of course, you can add another 7 when you added these 7! So you can add 7 times unlimited streams.
  • We are pushing iPad graphical limits with PicStroom - if you update multiple streams at once (e.g. adding multiple times 7 Gallery Streams after In-App purchase) then PicStrooms scrolling get a bit choppy.
  • We love the compliments

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Media rss

Need more screensaver settings, like speed, etc.



Only miss support for animated GIFs!
I'm having difficult time understanding this app. I can't find any streams. I really like the idea behind your app. Just wish there were thorough directions. I have paid for unlimited streams and have not found one.



Google RSS feeds

Love it


Excellence. Inspiring. Stimulating. Refreshing.


it's amazing!
your support is too bad. your users have warn you about the bug concerning multiple dropbox folders and you have not done nothing in months

Google RSS feeds

wow... just what i needed to browse & save my dropbox pictures. Retina update would be nice.
For some reason, of my streams will load. It says they are all there, but all there is are gray squares. Otherwise i love it!

It would be better if each stream can be viewed also in the whole screen

Lovely App but very Buggy

Allow opml export / import Home button disappears when I add the star or slideshow features

Add opml import and export.
Well since i just started its pretty awesome. I love how i can see my favorite pictures on my favorite tumblr blogs and all (:
Hi, this app goes from strength to strength. Really like the new update, toolbar I would be more than willing to become one if you I would be more than willing to become one if you still nee"still neeoptions are a huge improvement. A couple of weeks ago when I updated I seem to recall a request for beta testers?

Confusing with the option to choose

From Ryazan
Like the app. Star feature doesn't work correctly. Star not always an option even though I have it selected to appear on the menu. Selecting star when the menu appears on the right side doesn't seem to work. Deleting a feed with starred photos leaves a

An niks


More photos please

So smart

So smart

Such a beautiful flow. Please one-button Readability. Possible? Thanks for the great application. Shawn

Awesome tool for photographers blogs

Beautiful images
Need to be able to download hi-res images, not just the linked thumbnails or low-res versions. In browser view, allow saving of linked high-res images.

Retina support please

Very nice, and useful, app. Thanks!

Because its a great way to skip reading and just watch pictures

Could you include some kind of backup/export option?
The app is really good, The only I dont like is the limitation of select only up to three Dropbox folders. I think a good way to solve this could be the up makes available to upload each folder stream.
i need folders or something to group feeds. i have too much feeds! also passcode for specific folders/groups would be welcome

Great app for brainstorming

You are an inspiration to my life colorful. Has been open to the world at large. Even when I feel really lonely I still can smile. Yes, I just had to smile for inspires mylife. Thank you very much for this wonderful application..

Should be a way to limit how many photos to download.
Because its a great way to skip reading and just watch pictures
nice app
I love it, It is super helpful because i was looking for an app to take pics off of the internet but couldn't find one. This app is exactly what I was looking for!
I like it.
An easy and convenience way to get design inspiration
What a great idea, a sort of pictorial Zite! And yes love the sharing options
Pretty cool
A good source to view many sources of photos in one place
Comprend pas ce Pc
I look for something like this very long time.
Good app!
Great app for sharing
Can be better
Loving the new update! \o/

Can be better


Loving the new update! \o/
Hi, this app goes from strength to strength. Really like the new update, toolbar options are a huge improvement. A couple of weeks ago when I updated I seem to recall a request for beta testers? I would be more than willing to become one if you still nee

Just started using it looks good...

Makes getting quality photos a snap.. Thank Leo Laporte for the referral via iPad today review.

Love The cat pics





More compatibles site would made the app truly useful.


Fantastic app! Lots of inspiration.
I want to be able to pinch in on a photo I am viewing to return home, instead of having to tap and then select an icon.

saving to dropbox always use the same filename "4.jpg" . it seems a bug."

Please add to have more flexibility…

It could use an FAQ
Thank you for PicStroom. This is wonderfull alternative for Gallery of MobileMe, which it'll close in next year

Stores too much data on iCloud. Needs pinch out gesture to return " home"

I'm not even sure you're getting this feedback. Where's the send button?

Inspirational takes a sideways look at thr way things work, but once you get the habit its killer
Sharing to Twitter / Facebook / Tumblr / Google+ would be nice. Also, if feeds could show video too.

This brilliant idea I like it

I love Picstream. Lovely and password protection. THANKS!!!
Please add a restore button. I've had issues where I was charged for an IAP twice. Although I would of definitely purchased the pro.

Guff fatty


Don't like that you limit streams

Love getting my photos easily onto the iPad! Are you working on an iPhone version?

It's real great


Would like to see auto-enlargement option on iPad to fill more of the screen

To be able to upload pics from local -iPad- libraries... Thx.

Bigger images on home page

Great apps .. Stimulating the creative nerves ...

I love it, but I don't really understand how to add a stream from an external blog. The instructions aren't clear.

Please make the I

Crash continuously!
Niezwykle inspirujaca aplikacja, pozwala na spotkanie i zobaczenie tego co inni ludzie wymyślili i wykonali, jakie maja pomysły i jak daleko sięga ich tw

Not intuitive interface

Great Improvements. Please add Facebook and Flickr interface to upload photos. Thks

create own streams, combining different sources

This is really great!!
Please bring back the save to photo album feature. Starring is nice but doesn't replicate the usefulness. Also please make a Mac OSX app. I purchased your competitor's Galleried and was so disappointed.
Only 3 streams? Nah.
Hi there, why can't I directly save an image from my streams anymore? This is not a good thing for sure. What is with the star button? I don't want it there...

There must be an option to group the streams. If so i would buy the application. But like this it is useless.


Not compatible with my Google reader, bye bye!
Images don't show in full resolution. Especially important when zooming into newspaper pages -- articles are not readable. thanks!

When I try to delete streams it crashes.

Hey, thanks for adding feed ordering! (As per requested :-)
Great app, BUT It must be possible to delete entries, about 30% of photo streams is crap. An internal favourites system, apart from dropbox should be supported. Thanks for listening.}
I must be able to delete a source that is updating. A bit annoying. The rest is great, keep the good work!

I like it
I like it, but previews in a main screen are too small. I,d like to controll their height. Or make it little higher. Thx
it is interesting to browse through the photo streams, but i dont think the menues when you are in fullscreen photo mode work well, since they appear where you press and its akward to use them, plus you cant see them when they apear on whute portion of

Missing Read it later, Evernote, Delicious …
Feed order arranging please and I'm happy!
Finally! This is exactly what I've been looking for for ages... I can finally browse through my daily image/art content with superfast speed and a great interface! And Dropbox upload! Thank you!!
Constant crashing when saving pictures to Dropbox. Also, Could warn when photo already exists on Dropbox.

That is what i searched for!

Well designed.
I love nyt lens blog, big picture, in focus but none of them will show it correctly on the app. Just a the main photo...


This is brilliant! Dropbox integration is exactly what I was looking for!


Good job
Have a way that I can reorder the streams in the main view e.g. Have my favorite streams at the top and the lesser at the bottom.

Nice work do I have to say more.

Title on pictures,text below if any,change settings icon,take ideas from pulse app
And please change menu icons on pictures, put it on the right top side, and in one line, it looks strange when its on a different place any time I tap

I need to figure out the pictures on my IPad this easy


Great for Dropbox

I like the way picture are presented. Gives ideas as how I can take Better pictures
Wonderful with high-res feeds, the full screen images are just great to be seen. I only miss a marker to tell me which images are new.
Initially I was impressed, but frustrated at not being able to find any real streams. And I still am. The few shown in your gallery are a bit to 'Arty' for me. I don't follow furniture fashions etc, nor clothes for that matter. What I like are images of p

Not very many pictures.
Great, but difficult to find other streams. Spent more time not finding genuine streams than viewing them. Needs more suggestions or tips.


Please make a photo slideshow mode!!!!

Such a great idea and a nice simple implementation

Absolutely needs a slideshow feature. Would be a amazing!

Please make a 'picture frame' mode when viewing a stream


Really like it its only, bit slow with updating and it shows dubble photos

Good work, much better than pulse

Because of this app i wish i bought an ipad 3g so i can take my inspiration everywhere. Good work guys!
Love the app. Tapping 'no further subfolder' crashes app. Adding feeds either works or just continues to search...annoying. Don't really like the left sidebar on the main screen.

This app rulez! Good overview, easy image saving, best image stream browser yet! Kind Regards, Hensen

Seems like private flickr streams don't work…

Nice app! Great work!)

I like it, although I am not clear what it does. I thought it was a way to stream my private library from my DropBox account. I'm still trying to figure it out.


Excellent interface.... You guys rock !!!!!

Need more streams to add. Free one's. I dont wanna pay for the streams, coz i can get them online.

Really nice


Just plain lovely!!!


Needs ability to view single stream full width. Also I should be able to delete a stream without having to wait for it to update, etc…

Rotating gifs

Good idea, it's what i'm looking for...


Nice concept!
With more than 10 feeds your App will need an Performance update... Vertical Scrolling is to slow on iPad 2.

Cool....usefull and SIMPLE. perfect.

Really intuitive. Very easy to use and great UI. Just need a landscape mode and it will be outstanding.
Make it free, Easier to understand icons on the side, and leave the grey area between the feed bars



Rad app


New era

Great App. Undoubtely the Flipboard 4 photos!!! But not free!! Thks



Nice One

Impossible to delete abduzeedo
Fantastic app ! I m a french graphic designer and with you re app I can sync my website portfolio with iPad. Thanks

Simply brilliant!!


Needs some kind of toolbar

Just discovering. Looks great. I like the concept. Keep pushing the envelope.
This is a great app for discovering inspiration. I would recommend adding a social media sharing option to pass amazing finds along to friends


Website depth could/should go deeper.
This is a Bait and switch app. Sucks you in with additional streams and then limits you to 7 from the gallery. Really a rip-off and unfair business practice.

Lovely program, will probably upgrade to paid version very soon!

Delete feed well updating

Great app!

It very perfect.

Amazing. A well thought, designed and innovative app. Thank you!

Great app! I like the free version. The paid version I presume will be outstanding.

Awesome app! Would be great if I can rearrange the stream once added


Inspiring UI

Needs image sea
Needs more free streams. 4 is BS. Needs image search and much more. Probably won't use much unless it's improved. Layout is nice.

But why 2 bucks?!

Deleting streams is too cumbersome. Maybe tap-and-hold works better? Otherwise, quite neat, but flipboard is better from an eye candy perspective.

Great app


1 enhancement and the app will be perfect

Nice interface, clever concept.

It would also be sweet if somehow there was a slideshow option!

I'd like to see 'send to picasa' or 'send to flickr'... I really like to see those
Hey I just purchased 3.99$ and I added some more. But only 7?!?!?! What the hell?! How about Infinite?!
Great app!!!! The only comment I have is that I wish I could organize the order of the streams. It should be included in the edit stream section with a simple hold down and move the stream order around.

So thanks

Beautiful photos!!!!!

What a surprise! This is really great!

Nice ui
It's a great start. Would like to be able to save to tumblr in addition to dropbox. Also would like the option to have images fill screen. Pulling more than 20 photos into a stream would be nice as well.

This is future